Structural steel detailing services is central to various types of construction and engineering operations. In order to make sure that a particular building or model structure is constructed with the highest level of precision, it is necessary to make use of detailed drawings, reports and plans that illustrate different aspects of the construction process and make it easy for the engineering team to execute the tasks associated with the project. It is for this reason that engineering; fabricating and construction companies put such emphasis on steel detailing and drafting services as it helps them to make sure that the final structure meets all the required parameters. It not only helps to enhance the quality of the products but also help in the effective management of all available resources.

Different aspects are associated with steel structure design. For example, determining the extent of the structure, calculating the resources and manpower required and total amount of steel needed for the project. Apart from making use of technical tools, there are a lot of creative elements added to the project as well to make it unique. Steel structural detailing is implemented extensively in architecture, engineering and construction industries throughout the world for developing residential and commercial buildings, factories, flyovers, bridges and various other types of buildings. Ship building industry makes extensive use of steel structural drafting and detailing services. When fabrication drawings, structural shop drawings and in-depth project reports are develop by the steel company, they have to ensure that all of the drawings are in compliance with the steel detailing standards as set by various engineering organizations such as Euro Codes, American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), Norwegian Steel Association, British Standard Codes and World Steel Association. The services of registered structural steel detailing and structural modeling companies help to make sure that the designs follow the parameters as set by these organizations.


Structural Steel detailing

The ideal time to use the services offered by a steel detailing firm is when all design development for a particular structural framework or system has been completed by the assigned structural design team. When general contractors hire steel drafting and detailing companies, it is in their hands to provide the team with detailed structural shop drawings and specifications that can then be used by the professional steel drafter. Sketches developed by the structural engineers are supplied to the dealers by general contractors which contain information about different aspects of the structural design.