Architectural Engineering

Architectural Engineering

Drawings are the vehicles of converting any architectural design into reality. At Asia-Infotech, we have the expertise and knowledge of the advanced drafting technology that is used to convert architectural designs into digital drawings. Our architectural CAD services are offered to people interested in converting their paper files or images into the digitized version for scientific archiving, easy retrieval and any time editing. These digitized drawings and documents can be modified as and when required during the progress of the project to suit the needs of construction. It helps to sustain the speed of the project while allowing changes to be incorporated in the design promptly.

When you outsource the architectural design services from us, we take complete responsibility of creating the drawings in CAD, which is our expertise, while you can devote your time in other activities related to your core area that will enhance your profitability by making better use of your time and resources. Our team of professionals is thoroughly conversant with the nuances of architectural CAD services and can meet your expectations with confidence.

3D modeling services

We also offer 3D modeling services for our clients who are interested to get a life like representation of the architectural design. In this method, we use our competency in creating three dimensional representation of the design with the correct mathematical co-relation that gives the viewer a feel of how things will actually unfold in reality and helps to comprehend features much better. Moving a step ahead, we also offer 3D rendering services that enable printing an image of the model that can also be used for computer simulation.

How we do it

We need the details of the design to prepare the CAD drawings in accordance to the drafting standard that you prefer. If you have any hard copy or softcopy of the design in any format, we can use it for converting to CAD drawings that are 100% accurate with respect to the basic data that has been provided to us. In case you do not have the design documented then you can share with us the design data for specification and measurement and we will get the drawing done for you.

We offer high quality customized service and maintain complete confidentiality of information with assured security of data that you share with us. Strict adherence to standards and timely delivery of error free drawings justify the price that you pay for our services.

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