Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

The civil drafting services offered by Asia-Infotech is a specialized service that focuses exclusively on the design and architectural aspects pertaining to Civil engineering. The skill sets and technology required for rendering the services is similar to CAD drafting services with the only difference in the knowledge base of the designers and engineers who have to be qualified in the branch of civil engineering. Civil drafting is an integral part of any construction project.

Gone are the days when paper drawings and images were the only medium for reproducing architectural and civil designs. With the advancement of technology, more and more people are inclined to digital drawings of designs that allow a lot of flexibility in document archiving and retrieval. Added to this is the convenience of easy editing that makes life easy for engineers and architects as well as that of the contractors.

Construction drawings

Our civil drafting services are aimed at relieving project managers from the nightmare of choked deadlines that threaten to derail their project plans. We take full responsibility of your construction drawings that are created by using the most advanced technology to ensure fast turnaround times so as to seamlessly integrate with the project schedule. Our team of engineers and designers are well versed in the core area of civil engineering and deftly blend their expertise in CAD technology to provide accurate construction drawings. They are thoroughly conversant with the various software that are used for civil drafting.

General Arrangement drawings

Besides construction drawings, we offer CAD services for General Arrangement drawings too. These drawings that are available in 3D views and isometric views give the viewer a clear picture of complex settings thus making it simple for him to understand the intricacies. This type of drawings is used for showcasing product drawings and master plan drawings or when you want to view a single drawing from various angles.

Modus operandi

The success of providing accurate construction drawings in a timely manner is achieved by us by working closely with the clients with the spirit of partnership. This enables us to evaluate the project goals in the same way as the client thereby helping us to comprehend the customer needs. Added to this is our culture of transparent working that takes the client into confidence for each and every step that we take. The progress of the project is shared with the customer who is updated regularly.

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